How to play

    Quick start rules

  • Select a player for each cell that matches the criteria for that cell's row and column.
  • You have nine guesses to fill out the grid.
  • Each guess, whether correct or incorrect, counts as a guess.
  • You cannot guess the same player for two squares.
  • Players may be active or inactive.
  • Players must have played at least one AFL/VFL game (in the regular season or finals).
  • Aim for a low rarity.

    Rarity Score

  • Rarity is based on real-time player selections from the Footy Grid community.
  • Your rarity score correlates to the percentage of selections for each AFL player in your grid on that day by other Footy Grid players - a lower rarity score is better!
  • Finding a Unicorn (0% rarity) is the greatest achievement in Footy Grid. If you find one, it means that you are the only player in the entire Footy Grid community to select that player on that day.
  • Check back in throughout the day to see how your real-time rarity is going – it will update as more people play the game!
  • Unicorn 🦄 - Only player to guessUltra rare - 0-1%Very rare - 1-2%Rare- 2-5%Uncommon - 5-10%Common - 10-15%Popular - >15%

    Advanced rules

  • For team and award cell: The categories on each axes are independent from each other. For example, if a column is 'grand final player' and intersecting row is '5+ marks (season)', the player must be both a grand final player and averaged five or more marks in a season. They do not have to have averaged more than five marks in the same season as the grand final.
  • For team and award cell: The player can have won the award in any team they played for. For example, Tom Mitchell will match for 'Brownlow Medalist' for Hawthorn, Sydney, and Collingwood, despite winning the award for Hawthorn.
  • For team and career stat: The player who reached the career stat simply had to play for the team at any point. For example, Jordan Lewis would match for 7,500+ disposals for either Hawthorn or Melbourne, despite registering 6,273 disposals for the Hawks and 1,233 for the Demons.
  • For team and season stat: The player can have recorded the stat while on any team they played for in their career. For example, in 2008, Lance Franklin kicked 108 goals in the season for Hawthorn. He would match for 100+ goals for either Hawthorn or the Sydney Swans, despite never kicking 100+ goals for the Swans.
  • For season stat: season includes games played in finals.
  • Pre-1965 data: No stats aside from games played and goals were recorded pre-1965. Therefore, unless the player recorded the stats required (e.g., 200+ goals, 500+ disposals) AFTER 1965, they will not count as correct. For example, Ron Barassi played from 1953 - 1969, so more detailed stats are only available for his final five years. He would not qualify for 500+ disposals in a season, as the most disposals he recorded from 1965-1969 was 469 in the 1967 season. We may presume he registered more than this prior to 1965, but there is no data to prove it.
  • Premiership players must have played in the Grand Final or have been selected in the final 22 or 23. If they played in a finals match for the team but did not play in the winning Grand Final, they are not deemed to be a Premiership player.
  • Substitute: a player is deemed to have played the game if they were a sub, even if they were not activated in that game.
  • Coach: for the 'coached by' category, the player must have been coached in a head coaching capacity (i.e., not assistant coach, midfield coach, goal-kicking coach, etc,.).
  • Teammate: player must have played a game with the highlighted player to qualify.
  • Opponent: player must have played a game against the highlighted player to qualify.
  • Brisbane Bears and Fitzroy are listed under Brisbane Lions.
  • South Melbourne players are listed under Sydney Swans.
  • Footscray players are listed under Western Bulldogs.

This game is heavily inspired by the viral games Immaculate Grid and HoopGrids.

Please note: Footy Grid does not own any of the team, league or event logos depicted within this site. All sports logos contained within this site are properties of their respective leagues, teams, ownership groups and/or organisations.

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